Numerical Optimization for Robotics

RobOptim is a Modern, Open-Source, C++ Library for Numerical Optimization applied to Robotics.

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  • Non-Inclusive Contacts

    Integration of Non-Inclusive Contacts in Posture Generation.

  • RobOptim Capsule

    An automated optimal capsule generator over polyhedrons.

Fast Development, Fast Resolution.

Define your optimization problem and call solve. RobOptim handles the rest. RobOptim interfaces with various state-of-the-art solvers to support advanced solving techniques and lets you express your problem in C++ to ensure optimal performances.



Batteries, Included.

RobOptim toolbox packages provide functions aiming to solve specific problems. Therefore, you spend less time reinventing the wheel and you can focus on solving your particular problem at hand!

Free, Forever.

RobOptim is licensed under the permissive LGPL-3 license allowing its use in commercial projects.

LGPL is an OSI Approved License