This page summarizes how much time is required to solve different optimization problems. Various solvers are used to compare the efficiency of the different available approaches.


  1. Run the RobOptim test suite for each solver, the Hock-Schittkowski Collection problems are included, see the roboptim-shared-tests repository to see the actual implementation. The "b" versions correspond to minor variations of a same problem but using the RobOptim in a different manner.
  2. Convert the RobOptim log files, i.e. journal.log, to a YAML file using
  3. Tests for which solvers are failing are finally removed from the dataset (manually for now).

The log file timing information are generated using Boost.DateTime.

The tests provided here are too small to test sparse solvers in a robust way. Values for these solvers should be handled with great care!

The document defining all the problems is available here.

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