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roboptim-capsule defines a C++ implementation of a minimum-volume capsule optimizer over a polyhedron or vector of polyhedrons.

A capsule is a geometric surface defined as the set of points lying at a fixed distance from a segment. It is a convex surface that can be very useful to give a simplified representation of robot bodies in motion planning and optimal control. However, it can be a non-trivial task to compute an "optimal" capsule that approximates best the underlying geometry, which is usually modeled by one or more polyhedrons.


A capsule can be uniquely defined by its two main axis end points $e_1$ and $e_2$, as well as its radius $r$. The roboptim-capsule optimizer takes as input one or more polyhedrons, and computes the minimum-volume capsule parameters, i.e. $e_1$, $e_2$, and $r$.

The package relies on:

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Reporting bugs

As this package is still in its early development steps, bugs report and enhancement proposals are highly welcomed.

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