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\NroboptimMeta-functions, functions and solvers related classes
 ||| oCPlotLimitSpeed
 ||| \CPlotTrajectory
 || \Ndetail
 |oCAnthropomorphicCostFunctionCost function from ``An optimal control model unifying holonomic and nonholonomic walking'' Katja Mombaur, Jean-Paul Laumond, Eiichi Yoshida (2008 8th IEEE-RAS Interational Conference on Humanoid Robots)
 |oCConstrainedBSplineConstrained B-spline
 |oCConstraintsOverSplinesConstraint function on a spline's interval
 |oCCubicBSplineCubic B-Spline trajectory
 |oCFreeTimeTrajectoryDecorate a trajectory to make time scalable
 |oCFreezeFreeze parameters by modifying argument bounds
 |oCTrajectoryAbstract trajectory
 |oCStateFunctionTrajectory cost function defined by state evaluation at parameter
 |oCTrajectoryCostMeta-function for trajectory cost
 |oCJerkOverSplinesFactoryFactory generating a jerk cost function over a vector of splines
 |oCPolynomialPolynomial of degree at most N (N >= 0)

\[ M (t) = t-t_0 \]

 |oCProblemOverSplinesFactoryFactory of problems over splines
 |oCSplineLengthApproximate the length of a Spline
 |oCStablePointStateFunctionTrajectory cost function defined by state evaluation at parameter
 |oCTrajectorySumCostTrajectory cost function defined by sum of state evaluations at parameters
 |\CVectorInterpolationTakes a vector or argument and differentiate it
 \NvisualizationGraphic visualization
  \NgnuplotGnuplot rendering